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Your Attitude! is your BRAND

by | Jul 4, 2023

The decline of major Brand names. When is enough, Enough!

Many employees are…
Overworked and under-appreciated.
Over-taxed, and underpaid.
Overlooked and easy to be replaced by AI.
The attitude that many companies are taking is causing employees to say enough, is Enough.
You see it in the formalizing and unifying of employees, walkouts, striking, picketing, and voting for union bargaining power.
Be it the teachers, the writers, the nurses, first responders, the shipyards, train conductors, pilots, UPS, other delivery services, and the food service industry, just to name a few. The one thing they have in common, they all have reached their limit.
No wonder good service has taken a back seat.
Many companies got off to a good start by building their Brand around caring about their employees, and that produced great customer service. In return the employees dedicated themselves to the task, in turn, the customers were happy and it fueled their business success and it added value to their Brand.
However, it is evident that over time, if the leaderships attitude stops caring about the employees, and their needs, it will trickle down, and the employee becomes the conduit for that same bad attitude in the product they produce, or even worse, it corrodes the attitude, and quality of service the employee provides to the customer, and that bad attitude eventually starts to transform your Brand until that bad attitude becomes your Brand.
No wonder good service is taking a backseat in so many companies, and their Brand value is tanking.

What’s Next?

It’s simple, yet it is not happening!

Part:0004 will discuss how simple it is to turn that around, or better yet keep it from happening to your Brand.

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