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by | Aug 8, 2023

A Change Is Going To Come

In the last post I talked about “The decline in major Brand names” due to the Attitude of
leadership, and how it is effecting the work force and in turn customer service and the quality of service is on the decline. Before talking about how simple it is to turn that around, or better yet keep it from happening to your Brand, let’s talk about how we got here.
Employee abuse and labor disputes, have been simmering for a long time. Covid-19 stretched it to its ultimate limit. Employees and staff workers were asked to sacrifice their health, family time, and livelihood because they were named “essential workers”; many did not have a choice.
These essential workers are some of those same people that are now saying, “Enough is
After Covid, employees have now been found less appreciated, insignificant, and not valued. No pay raises, or better hours; has caused a backlash into the service industry and employee recruiting.
Things could never go back to normal after such an experience like the Covid shut down.
Strikes and walk-outs are coming from those very employees who were regularly mistreated and used during a very trying time. Workers are now standing firm, forming an alliance that will have to be reckoned with. And the momentum is rightfully changing. The power to stand strong has shifted from the employer to the employee
This shift will never go back to the way it was as more and more employees challenge their
employer to treat them with dignity, and respect and value what they have been doing for years, keeping the company profitable in spite of the lack of appreciation for their commitment, dedication, and loyalty.
Major Brands are already seeing the writing on the wall. The changes to come will be a snowball effect, as employees will see that it is they who really have the power in their hands to effect change. The UPS’ settlement alone has changed the income/livelihood for the transportation industry because they joined together as one voice.
Customer service in many companies is on the decline, and so is the value of many Brand names – a direct result of how workers are treated. The lack of appreciation that comes from the top will inevitably trickle down throughout management, upper staff, down to the last employee, and finally it plays into the employee’s interaction and Attitude with the customer’s Brand experience.
A change needs to happen to reverse this trend of employee dissatisfaction that in the long run, affects customer service, and will benefit no one.

As I said earlier, in my previous blog, “it is simple.”

“It’s been a long time coming, but a change is gonna come.”
If you’re an employer, shift your Attitude. Treat your employees as if they were the customer. Listen to them, and look to accommodate them, especially in a trying time. A little sincere appreciation can go a long way. Your good Attitude helps their Attitude with customers, and that is what keeps your business Brand appreciated and valued, creating repeat business.
Employers have to take heed and listen to employees’ needs, and employees should continue coming together to change the tide of abuse and misuse of the blessing of having employees to keep these Mega Brands afloat.

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With that said, I never say goodbye when I expect to be back again.
Till then: “Make your day GREAT! Because,… YOU CAN!”
A quote I never heard: “The right Attitude WILL… The wrong Attitude CAN’T”(20220815)